Monday, October 22, 2012

Placenta, Vitamin C and Collagen


I havent updated my blog for the longest time ever!!! How have yall beennn.. if anyone is reading this, ive missed you! hahaheoha. okok. so today i wanna talk about the latest health products that i have been taking for awhile. They are human placenta, vitamin C and collagen . Since ppl keep saying after the age of 25 you really need to take care of your lifestyle, else, you would look older than your age. so besides working out, trying to lose more weight, I also take several beauty and health products to help maintain the elasticity of my skin.

Ok so the first one is Biocell human placenta. I know right, sounds scaaarrry. but no, really. this is an old chinese tradition where mothers will eat their own placenta because of the health benefits it gives. 

  1. Improves skin, eliminates acne
  2. treats anemia
  3. boosts immune system
  4. improves sexual responsiveness
  5. eliminates problems associated with menopause

Second product i take is biocell vitamin C with collagen. Many people asked me why do i go for injections when i can just take the pills. Sounds safer to them. Well, vitamin C is the hardest vitamin to absorb in the body. So even if u drink glasses of orange juice, the benefit you will gain is maybe just half a glass because in the end you will piss everything away. So when you jab the product, it goes straight to the blood, does not take any time to process. And we all know vitamin C is good for the skin, cleanses the liver, good for the gum , etc. Women aged 18-50 lose collagen 2.5 times faster than men, because of menstruation, pregnancy, birth giving, breast feeding, hormonal changes, etc. The thing about collagen is that you need to be persistent when taking it for at least 2-3 months because the loss and degradation of collagen for many years cannot be rebuilt in an instant.

Just to show you how effective the products work on my skin, i have uploaded my before and after picture below.

I will upload more pics of me without the makeup, but as you can see the changes of skin tone on my body is also very obvious. Hehe. If you wanna order the products, you can email me at or call me at my cell phone, 0143223057. Have a good day yall !! :)