Monday, October 22, 2012

Placenta, Vitamin C and Collagen


I havent updated my blog for the longest time ever!!! How have yall beennn.. if anyone is reading this, ive missed you! hahaheoha. okok. so today i wanna talk about the latest health products that i have been taking for awhile. They are human placenta, vitamin C and collagen . Since ppl keep saying after the age of 25 you really need to take care of your lifestyle, else, you would look older than your age. so besides working out, trying to lose more weight, I also take several beauty and health products to help maintain the elasticity of my skin.

Ok so the first one is Biocell human placenta. I know right, sounds scaaarrry. but no, really. this is an old chinese tradition where mothers will eat their own placenta because of the health benefits it gives. 

  1. Improves skin, eliminates acne
  2. treats anemia
  3. boosts immune system
  4. improves sexual responsiveness
  5. eliminates problems associated with menopause

Second product i take is biocell vitamin C with collagen. Many people asked me why do i go for injections when i can just take the pills. Sounds safer to them. Well, vitamin C is the hardest vitamin to absorb in the body. So even if u drink glasses of orange juice, the benefit you will gain is maybe just half a glass because in the end you will piss everything away. So when you jab the product, it goes straight to the blood, does not take any time to process. And we all know vitamin C is good for the skin, cleanses the liver, good for the gum , etc. Women aged 18-50 lose collagen 2.5 times faster than men, because of menstruation, pregnancy, birth giving, breast feeding, hormonal changes, etc. The thing about collagen is that you need to be persistent when taking it for at least 2-3 months because the loss and degradation of collagen for many years cannot be rebuilt in an instant.

Just to show you how effective the products work on my skin, i have uploaded my before and after picture below.

I will upload more pics of me without the makeup, but as you can see the changes of skin tone on my body is also very obvious. Hehe. If you wanna order the products, you can email me at or call me at my cell phone, 0143223057. Have a good day yall !! :)


Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey guys. Since a lot of you have been asking me why I NEVAHHH upload pics... I decided to show you guys my makeup look for tonight. This is how I always wear my makeup. Just a simple smokey eye look and nude lips. Oh please don't mind my hair. I took this pic right after I did my makeup :P

Here's another pic of Annie and I at Zouk. *as usual, cam whoring in the toilet yaw!*

Soooo tonight I wore my most fav lipstick EVERRRR by Inglot. Smells nice with smooth application! I think Inglot products are just freaking awesome. I mean they're cheap and the quality is super duper FANTASTIC. I'm not even exaggerating. My eyeshadows are by Inglot as well. Seriously, one eyeshadow costs about 28 bux if Im not mistaken and their eyeshadows are really high pigment. No regret buying these products. Hurry ladiess if yall wanna purchase cheaper products with good quality, go to INGLOT! I think they only have one shop right now in Malaysia and their store is in Pyramid.

Ok gonna crash nowwww. Hope yall had a fun friday night. I did :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey guys. Like most people out there, I too suffer from constipation every once in awhile. We should be going to the toilet at least once a day, did yall know that? lol. And it's really important to take a look at our stool. If your bowel movement is easy to pass and your stool is looking golden brown and formed, then you have nothing to worry about. But if its hard, painful and dry, you definitely need to change your diet. Hell no baby gurl, no more JUNK FOOD.

Now, while changing our diet is important, taking supplements plays another important role too. But lets talk about our diet first. One of the reasons why many people are constipated is because of our very own food intake. Look at our typical Malaysian diet. It's mostly rice. Do we ever consider to take fruits in the morning? Hell naw. Most of us prefer to start the day with rice, yes, nasi lemak, followed by lunch, of course, that's another plate of rice and dinner, oh, momma's cooking, always comes with rice. So what's going on? Stop. Breathe. Do you remember the very existence of healthy food?

Speaking of which, I was always trying to lose weight. I still do. My journey in weight loss is never ending.  Most of the time I would never follow own my diet rules. I never really understood what being healthy was all about. It was always about achieving the dream body. Fortunately, I have come to realize that in order to lose weight, you need to think healthy and WATCH YOUR BOWEL MOVEMENT HAHA. Guys, if you dont get rid of the toxic in your body its super hard for you to lose weight. I now drink more chinese and green tea and water. Take more veggies and certain fruits. I stopped eating rice. Okay no, I just consume less. Although the amount of sugar in rice is very little, but with heavy consumption, that can affect our blood glucose level too. So anything sugary, I try to avoid (sugar feeds cancer btw). Everything I do is in a slow process.  This really helps with my constipation problems as well as my weight loss. And I don't really pressure myself so hey I'm a happy child :D

I also take supplements to boost my immunity. Definitely helps in overcoming constipation as well. Check out my list.

  • Probiotics - Guys, remember about the TV commercial on Vitagen? Something about good bacteria and bad bacteria? YUP! Our body needs good bacteria. If its off balanced, that can create over production of yeast. and when that happens, BOOM, you get Candida (google Candida). That is why some women get yeast infection. That is why you see some people's tongues are white (altho in most cases its caused by dehydration). That is why you get fungal infection. Over prescribing antibiotic can cause imbalance as well. So probiotics is really important in maintaining a good digestive tract.
  • Vitamin B&C - Ease stress, relieve PMS, good for the gum, skin, etc
  • Milk thistle - Okay this is important for all u alcoholics, if you dont take care of your liver, say goodbye to beautiful skin! Good health starts with good liver! (I read that somewhere)
  • Organic coconut oil - Oh mann! Been 3 weeks since I started taking this magic oil. Good stuff!
  • Apple cider vinegar - Man. too many benefits to write down. But one of them is to kill any bad bacteria, germs, fungi in our body system. I take shots of cider twice a day. Remember, only buy the ones that have the "mother" in it. I use Bragg. Don't go crazy on cider people. That can cause iodine deficiency. I would advice you peeps to eat more seaweed if you take ACV on a daily basis.
I am not a doctor, neither am i a naturopath.. LOL HAHA OBVIOUSLY. But all these infos that I have been giving out are all based on my research and what I feel works for my body. It is really important to do your own research if you are skeptical or afraid of trying new supplements or any health remedy. Best to consult your doctor first :) :) I hope you enjoyed reading this hehe :) TOODLOO. XoXo.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup Guru on Youtube

Hey guys. I've been wanting to upload pictures of me with different makeup look but unfortunately I do not own a camera, and the webcam doesn't really pick up the colour so hopefully I will start putting up pics somewhere in March. and I am also planning to vlog somewhere around this year! haha. Stay tuned!! :)

Moving on.... So I really really wanna introduce to you guys my makeup guru on youtube (she doesnt know im her student btw, LOL) If you are really really serious in doing makeup but you dont wanna go to a makeup school, seriously, she is the one to turn to. I have NEVER seen any video that is as detailed and as informative as hers. I dont know her name but her youtube link is Apparently she's worked for America's Next Top Model and a writer for many many beauty magazines. Im gonna put up her link down below and please check her out. She's AMAZING. I mean I know I've been saying a lot of makeup artists are good but she is definitely one of a kind! Ok so have fun watching the video!! oh PS: dont forget to subscribe and follow her on facebook (Tyme the Infamous) Later!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Makeup Tips From The Not So Makeup Expert

Hey dolls! *my attempt on being kardashian* Okay so we all know that women wear makeup to accentuate our beauty. Having said that, it would be really helpful if you have good eyes for colours. NOW! Here are the do's and dont's when applying makeup.

  • To always apply primer before eyeshadow. Some eyeshadows might not be of good quality and can be low-pigment. WORRY NOT! With a good eye primer, it can always help to pick up the colour and make it long lasting.
  • Apply makeup on a moisturized and clean face! And may i add on a fully threaded face too (Only if you don't have serious case of acne) Moisturized, clean, and less facial hair will give a good makeup coverage because its LESS OILY, and it brightens your complexion giving the after-facial glow instantly.
  • Blend that shit out! Get a good blending brush. Its a must have in every girl's makeup bag. Whether or not you wanna create the smokey eye look, the first rule when applying eyeshadow is you need to have a good blending technique. Pls! No hard drawn lines! So blend blend blend blend! *youtube blending eyeshadow*
  • Okay so we all LOVE to wear smokey eye makeup. But what bothers me is when I see girls who don't match their eye makeup with their lip colour. Some like to go bare lips. That's fine...ONLY IF YOU DONT HAVE BLACK LIPS. Its really really important to balance out your look. Heavy, dark eye makeup only goes with nude/pinkish lips. So another thing I should point out is to not put on a red lipstick with HEAVY eye makeup, you only do that if you wanna bring out your inner Gaga.
  • Don't apply lipstick on dry/cracked lips. If you suffer from this, opt to wear a lipgloss instead. But if you are a lipstick lover and have chapped lips, what you can do is to scrub your lips with sugar and honey twice a week. aaand of course! to apply your lip balm before the lipstick.
  • Most of the girls I know have really really tanned and dark skin. Lining your water line with a white eyeliner might not be a good idea. It just doesn't look natural.
OKAY! So that's all from me. I hope you find these tips useful. Byeee!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hello? Is anyone actually reading my blog? Haha.. :S

Okay. So on to the next beauty remedies!!! Guys. I recently discovered the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Yay! I mean these are the things that you can easily find at any supermarket and its a cheaper alternative for your daily skin care routine.

Lets start with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Let me just brief to you some of the benefits of this vinegar.

1. Weight loss - Guys many of us are clueless on to why some of us find it hard to lose weight. That's cause most people suffer from constipation and it makes it hard for the toxin in our system to be released. ACV helps to improve bowel irregularity, thus making your body reduce the toxin at a quicker rate.
2. Cures acne, dandruff, skin rashes, itchy skin, fungus, etc. (Hillary Duff actually uses ACV to treat her pimples)
3. Builds up your immune system.
4. Lowers down cholesterol level.


1. Moisturizes skin- This oil contains vitamin A, B-1, B-2, C and iron. It keeps the body at a high maintenance level of vitamin E thus slowing down the aging process.
2. Some say it helps to prevent colon cancer.
3. I use it as a makeup remover too! It's amazing how smooth it takes off my eye makeup.. Considering how heavy I wear it. Yes.. on a daily basis. Ha ha.
4. Contains natural anti inflammatory agent.
5. Strengthen nails.
6. Reduces pimples.

For acne treatment
So what I normally do is I take ACV and dilute it with water, 1:1, and use it as a toner on my face. Be warned! Because of its high acidity level, some people cannot tolerate at this concentration. Perhaps you may first start off at 1:4 ratio and see how it works out for you :)
Right after that I would apply extra virgin olive oil. A small amount goes a long way! So just pour like 3-4 drops of olive oil on ur palm and rub it on to your skin. Remember to massage it in a circular motion so that the oil will be absorbed.

For faster hair growth
Get a spray bottle and mix ACV with regular tap water, 1:1 and spray it to your scalp. Leave it for 3o minutes to 1 hour. Shampoo and condition as usual. Do this every week at least once! This really helps me to grow my hair faster but remember it also depends on your diet. Eat right and exercise too!

Guys, you can always google to find out more on other beauty tips using these 2 products. Always remember to use good quality extra virgin olive oil. And as for apple cider vinegar, its best to use with the "mother" in it. Bye now!


Hey guys. One of the reasons I started to blog is because I wanted to be a "messenger" to all of you and spread the goodness of coconut oil. Man, I did so much research on this magical oil that it's safe to say I have become a coco-NUT :D

So anyways, what I found out about this oil is that although it is high in saturated fat, it is not stored in the body. This oil is being regarded as "the best oil" on earth because of its healing properties; anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial.

In most cases, this oil can treat diabetes, HIV, herpes, hepatitis, food poisoning, pneumonia, common cold, in some cases dementia, dental cavities, urinary tract infection and many more. But lets not get confused, coconut oil is NOT a cure itself but rather it helps to control and fight against such ailments.

Personally, I have been ingesting this oil for the past 2 weeks and I have to say, I am so pleased with the results! My dry skin patches on my face and legs are slowly going away, I have better energy now more than ever and I sleep better at night. I also use it as a makeup remover and it takes of my stubborn mascara pretty easily! and usually after I clean my makeup with the oil, I would leave it on my face for 5 minutes before I wash it off. The after result? SMOOTH SKIN LIKE A BABY'S BOTTOM!

Indian women are known to have really thick and beautiful hair. Part of their beauty regime is to apply coconut oil on their scalp and leave it overnight before washing it off. Coconut oil is known to help reduce dandruff, hair loss and promote hair growth. So why waste money on really expensive hair products, girls! hehe.

Now, this oil also promotes weight loss. I'm not too concerned on losing weight but from what I noticed, although I haven't been watching my diet, I still managed to lose about 1-2 kilos in just 2 weeks WITH NO EFFORT. So really, I can't articulate more on how good this oil is! It really is like magic to me. No lie!

Please. I urge all of you to start taking this oil as part of your diet! But remember, start slowly when taking this oil internally. 1 teaspoon a day and work your way up to 3 tablespoons per day. And if you have any sickness that you want to treat by using this oil, please consult with your doctor first. Other than that, man, GO GET YOURSELF A BOTTLE OF ORGANIC COCONUT OIL ALREADY!

Oh, lastly, if you don't know where to purchase extra virgin coconut oil, please visit this website. Remember to only buy organic coconut oil everyone! Stay blessed!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey beautiful people. Before I start blogging on all things beauty related, I would like to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take care of yourself and stay blessed!