Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup Guru on Youtube

Hey guys. I've been wanting to upload pictures of me with different makeup look but unfortunately I do not own a camera, and the webcam doesn't really pick up the colour so hopefully I will start putting up pics somewhere in March. and I am also planning to vlog somewhere around this year! haha. Stay tuned!! :)

Moving on.... So I really really wanna introduce to you guys my makeup guru on youtube (she doesnt know im her student btw, LOL) If you are really really serious in doing makeup but you dont wanna go to a makeup school, seriously, she is the one to turn to. I have NEVER seen any video that is as detailed and as informative as hers. I dont know her name but her youtube link is Apparently she's worked for America's Next Top Model and a writer for many many beauty magazines. Im gonna put up her link down below and please check her out. She's AMAZING. I mean I know I've been saying a lot of makeup artists are good but she is definitely one of a kind! Ok so have fun watching the video!! oh PS: dont forget to subscribe and follow her on facebook (Tyme the Infamous) Later!

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