Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Makeup Tips From The Not So Makeup Expert

Hey dolls! *my attempt on being kardashian* Okay so we all know that women wear makeup to accentuate our beauty. Having said that, it would be really helpful if you have good eyes for colours. NOW! Here are the do's and dont's when applying makeup.

  • To always apply primer before eyeshadow. Some eyeshadows might not be of good quality and can be low-pigment. WORRY NOT! With a good eye primer, it can always help to pick up the colour and make it long lasting.
  • Apply makeup on a moisturized and clean face! And may i add on a fully threaded face too (Only if you don't have serious case of acne) Moisturized, clean, and less facial hair will give a good makeup coverage because its LESS OILY, and it brightens your complexion giving the after-facial glow instantly.
  • Blend that shit out! Get a good blending brush. Its a must have in every girl's makeup bag. Whether or not you wanna create the smokey eye look, the first rule when applying eyeshadow is you need to have a good blending technique. Pls! No hard drawn lines! So blend blend blend blend! *youtube blending eyeshadow*
  • Okay so we all LOVE to wear smokey eye makeup. But what bothers me is when I see girls who don't match their eye makeup with their lip colour. Some like to go bare lips. That's fine...ONLY IF YOU DONT HAVE BLACK LIPS. Its really really important to balance out your look. Heavy, dark eye makeup only goes with nude/pinkish lips. So another thing I should point out is to not put on a red lipstick with HEAVY eye makeup, you only do that if you wanna bring out your inner Gaga.
  • Don't apply lipstick on dry/cracked lips. If you suffer from this, opt to wear a lipgloss instead. But if you are a lipstick lover and have chapped lips, what you can do is to scrub your lips with sugar and honey twice a week. aaand of course! to apply your lip balm before the lipstick.
  • Most of the girls I know have really really tanned and dark skin. Lining your water line with a white eyeliner might not be a good idea. It just doesn't look natural.
OKAY! So that's all from me. I hope you find these tips useful. Byeee!!!

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