Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hello? Is anyone actually reading my blog? Haha.. :S

Okay. So on to the next beauty remedies!!! Guys. I recently discovered the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Yay! I mean these are the things that you can easily find at any supermarket and its a cheaper alternative for your daily skin care routine.

Lets start with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Let me just brief to you some of the benefits of this vinegar.

1. Weight loss - Guys many of us are clueless on to why some of us find it hard to lose weight. That's cause most people suffer from constipation and it makes it hard for the toxin in our system to be released. ACV helps to improve bowel irregularity, thus making your body reduce the toxin at a quicker rate.
2. Cures acne, dandruff, skin rashes, itchy skin, fungus, etc. (Hillary Duff actually uses ACV to treat her pimples)
3. Builds up your immune system.
4. Lowers down cholesterol level.


1. Moisturizes skin- This oil contains vitamin A, B-1, B-2, C and iron. It keeps the body at a high maintenance level of vitamin E thus slowing down the aging process.
2. Some say it helps to prevent colon cancer.
3. I use it as a makeup remover too! It's amazing how smooth it takes off my eye makeup.. Considering how heavy I wear it. Yes.. on a daily basis. Ha ha.
4. Contains natural anti inflammatory agent.
5. Strengthen nails.
6. Reduces pimples.

For acne treatment
So what I normally do is I take ACV and dilute it with water, 1:1, and use it as a toner on my face. Be warned! Because of its high acidity level, some people cannot tolerate at this concentration. Perhaps you may first start off at 1:4 ratio and see how it works out for you :)
Right after that I would apply extra virgin olive oil. A small amount goes a long way! So just pour like 3-4 drops of olive oil on ur palm and rub it on to your skin. Remember to massage it in a circular motion so that the oil will be absorbed.

For faster hair growth
Get a spray bottle and mix ACV with regular tap water, 1:1 and spray it to your scalp. Leave it for 3o minutes to 1 hour. Shampoo and condition as usual. Do this every week at least once! This really helps me to grow my hair faster but remember it also depends on your diet. Eat right and exercise too!

Guys, you can always google to find out more on other beauty tips using these 2 products. Always remember to use good quality extra virgin olive oil. And as for apple cider vinegar, its best to use with the "mother" in it. Bye now!


  1. Do you do that acne treatment with the act and olive oil at night or in the morning? If you use olive oil to take off makeup do you do that first then the ACV tone and then the olive oil rub?

  2. I use olive oil first, so it doesn't sting as much on my sons acne. ..seems to be working.
    I use it on my face and my skin looks clearer.
    I read to put acv on cold sore helps it heal..made mine worse. After staving them off for years with just ice at the first sign, I have a full-blown cold sore...and it hurts! Now I'm just using carmex and triple antibiotic. ..along with ibuprofen for the pain...

    I have been mixing two capfuls of organic acv into my tea, but not yet sure of the results.

  3. I have the same question as Veronica. I have been doing the oil cleansing method (with EVO and castor oil) mainly to take off make-up and i would like to know if its okay to do that first and then use the apple cider vinegar and afterwards apply only EVO to finish off?

  4. The last 8 years I have found that adding the BRAGGS ACV to my juiced carrots,kale,celery,& apples actually enhances the taste for me.

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