Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey guys. Like most people out there, I too suffer from constipation every once in awhile. We should be going to the toilet at least once a day, did yall know that? lol. And it's really important to take a look at our stool. If your bowel movement is easy to pass and your stool is looking golden brown and formed, then you have nothing to worry about. But if its hard, painful and dry, you definitely need to change your diet. Hell no baby gurl, no more JUNK FOOD.

Now, while changing our diet is important, taking supplements plays another important role too. But lets talk about our diet first. One of the reasons why many people are constipated is because of our very own food intake. Look at our typical Malaysian diet. It's mostly rice. Do we ever consider to take fruits in the morning? Hell naw. Most of us prefer to start the day with rice, yes, nasi lemak, followed by lunch, of course, that's another plate of rice and dinner, oh, momma's cooking, always comes with rice. So what's going on? Stop. Breathe. Do you remember the very existence of healthy food?

Speaking of which, I was always trying to lose weight. I still do. My journey in weight loss is never ending.  Most of the time I would never follow own my diet rules. I never really understood what being healthy was all about. It was always about achieving the dream body. Fortunately, I have come to realize that in order to lose weight, you need to think healthy and WATCH YOUR BOWEL MOVEMENT HAHA. Guys, if you dont get rid of the toxic in your body its super hard for you to lose weight. I now drink more chinese and green tea and water. Take more veggies and certain fruits. I stopped eating rice. Okay no, I just consume less. Although the amount of sugar in rice is very little, but with heavy consumption, that can affect our blood glucose level too. So anything sugary, I try to avoid (sugar feeds cancer btw). Everything I do is in a slow process.  This really helps with my constipation problems as well as my weight loss. And I don't really pressure myself so hey I'm a happy child :D

I also take supplements to boost my immunity. Definitely helps in overcoming constipation as well. Check out my list.

  • Probiotics - Guys, remember about the TV commercial on Vitagen? Something about good bacteria and bad bacteria? YUP! Our body needs good bacteria. If its off balanced, that can create over production of yeast. and when that happens, BOOM, you get Candida (google Candida). That is why some women get yeast infection. That is why you see some people's tongues are white (altho in most cases its caused by dehydration). That is why you get fungal infection. Over prescribing antibiotic can cause imbalance as well. So probiotics is really important in maintaining a good digestive tract.
  • Vitamin B&C - Ease stress, relieve PMS, good for the gum, skin, etc
  • Milk thistle - Okay this is important for all u alcoholics, if you dont take care of your liver, say goodbye to beautiful skin! Good health starts with good liver! (I read that somewhere)
  • Organic coconut oil - Oh mann! Been 3 weeks since I started taking this magic oil. Good stuff!
  • Apple cider vinegar - Man. too many benefits to write down. But one of them is to kill any bad bacteria, germs, fungi in our body system. I take shots of cider twice a day. Remember, only buy the ones that have the "mother" in it. I use Bragg. Don't go crazy on cider people. That can cause iodine deficiency. I would advice you peeps to eat more seaweed if you take ACV on a daily basis.
I am not a doctor, neither am i a naturopath.. LOL HAHA OBVIOUSLY. But all these infos that I have been giving out are all based on my research and what I feel works for my body. It is really important to do your own research if you are skeptical or afraid of trying new supplements or any health remedy. Best to consult your doctor first :) :) I hope you enjoyed reading this hehe :) TOODLOO. XoXo.

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